My top 5 beautiful gifts for little ones

My top 5 beautiful gifts for little ones

November 21, 2016

This list will constantly change as I discover new things, but for now, here are  some of my favourite baby gifts. Whether it’s a baby shower or baby arrival gift, you turned 6 month gift (which I think is a fun moment to recognise), a first birthday gift or a Christmas gift….I think all of these pressies let the new mum and baby know just how much you care.

Some of these gifts can be expensive on your own, it’s just as special to go in a group with friends or family and give one beautiful gift together xxx

1. Sheepskin playrug

You cannot look past a good quality play rug for babies; great for the floor, prams or car seats. Natural sheepskin insulates and ventilates, keeping the baby warm in winter and cool in summer – so a perfect gift no matter what time of year a baby is born.

Emu Australia’s rugs are so scrumptious and most importantly 100% Natural Australian Sheepskin and Australian Made.

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baby blue shirt

2. Animal photo prints

Sharon Montrose is a photographer in the US, I discovered her amazing talent for photographing animals a year ago.  I bought 3 bigger ones for my nephews nursery, it was so hard to only choose 3, the animals in all her images are too cute… bears climbing ropes, tigers rolling around, ducks waddling along…they are amazing!!

There are a few different collections you can choose from (Little Darlings collection is featured below) and they come in different sizes, so you can buy a few more little ones or less of the bigger ones. You can order them framed but as they are shipped over from the US, I just ordered the images and framed them myself over here.

I think the best thing about these images is they aren’t restricted to the nursery/kids room, they are beautiful enough to have in other areas of the house – a versatile gift, what could be better!!

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crib photos

3. Baby brush and comb set

This is such a simple gift, but I think so useful and beautiful. I remember growing up and having our special brush and comb always sitting on our dresser, it was as much an ornamental piece as it was practical.

You can buy some beautiful quality ones in boutique baby shops, somewhere like @bonpoint have classic wooden ones, but i’m sure you could find some a little closer to home.


baby hairbrush

4. L’il Fraser Collection Swaddle Wrap

I think this gift is, without fail, the most raved about gifts mums receive. The L’il Fraser wrap is the perfect baby wrap (they even claim that on their website)…it’s 100% cotton jersey and perfect dimensions to fit around all shapes and sizes and suitable for newborns. And it’s an Australian born company, created by a talented mother called Kate McIntosh who struggled to find the perfect wrap for her premature son.

They come in a variety of colours and patterns, most being gender neutral, so it’s an easy gift to buy even before the baby is born!! You really can’t go wrong in buying this gift….I think my little nephew wrapped up tightly in the pic below thinks so too!!

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baby sleeping

5. Calfskin booties

I gave these to my little niece (pictured below) when she turned 6 months and to a few other special friends as well. I think they are the most delicious shoes getting around, and now they are on my radar I have seen so many other mothers with their babies in them too. They are definitely a conversation starter on how cute they are! You can buy them in larger sizes so they last longer rather than growing out of them very quickly when they are a newborn.

I found these in New Zealand, by a label called Eve Wallace and they are extremely good quality. But again i’m sure you could find them more local, otherwise take a trip to Queenstown and pick up a pair while you’re there :).


baby quilt


I hope you’ve found some gift inspiration from my favourites. Happy shopping!! Please keep in touch through the comments below, via Instagram @nura_australia or email

Love Penny xxxx

* Images courtesy of @natemiababy, @lilfraser_collection, @theanimalprintshop and @emuaustralia