Our Gift to Others

At Nura, we find complete joy in giving to others, thus the reason our motto is FOR THE JOY OF GIVING
As well as the sheer joy of seeing your face light up as you open your carefully wrapped and personalised piece from Nura, we find happiness in being able to help others around us. Any sentiment, big or small, we hope to make a difference where we can.

Each collection, we will donate $1 (or more if we can) from EVERY transaction towards special people, organisations or communities in Australia.

Where/who we choose to donate will change each collection, but all organisations we choose will always be Australian and stand for what we believe in; generosity, love, beauty and warmth in the everyday!!

Below are details of where Nura has chosen to donate money over both collections:

The Australian Summer Holiday Collection

2020 has been a really huge and challenging year for all, everyone has struggled in completely different ways, some substantially more than others. It has been a time to reflect and realise just how fortunate and lucky I am with the life that I have been given. It has broken my heart thinking of so many people in our country and around the world who would be struggling to provide the bare minimum for their families during this pandemic, a simple meal on the table for some would be too much to prepare when they don’t have a job. And my heart also breaks for the elderly who may be on their own in care facilities or those who are at home on their own, or out on the streets. I initially was going to make little food hampers and bunches of flowers to distribute to some nursing home in town when Coronavirus first began, but then very quickly all the no visitation rules were implemented. When life resumes back to normal and my baby boy is a little older to come with me, I am going to volunteer with some local charities in Orange that provide food and comfort for those in need and a friendly face and a smile for those who may not have many people to talk to. In the meantime, my chosen charity to support for this collection is SecondBite.


SecondBite is a leading national food rescue organisation. They work with a range of food suppliers to rescue surplus fresh food, and redistribute this wasted food to over 1,000 community food programs across Australia – all food is completely free of charge. The organisations they work with make a real difference to people’s lives, providing more than just a meal – they provide support, hope and friendship to those doing it tough.

The Australian Animal Collection

In preparation for The Australian Animal Collection, Nura reached out to remote schools throughout Australia to look for inspiration. We asked the children if they would like to participate in helping us design our new fabric prints for this collection. We were inundated with beautiful drawings from a few schools across Australia, and loved reading their descriptions and reasons for choosing their animal or special outback scene.

We were so inspired by the effort and focus each child put in to their creative piece, that we decided to focus our donations for this collection on helping the Creative Arts department from two of the participating schools. Hopefully Nura’s donation will help to continue to instill the love and joy of creativity and art in the young children of our two chosen schools (below).

Nganmarriyanga School


Nganmarriyanga School is in the community of Palumpa, about 350km from Darwin. The school was officially opened in 1987 with about 21 students. Later an extension was added to the original building with a whole new wing being added and opening in 1992. A new Pre-school building was completed in 2003. The school ​has a current enrollment of of 140 students with a daily attendance of between 70 and 140 students. There are ten teachers (including the principal) at the school, as well as 15 assistant teachers, a grounds man, a cleaner and an admin assistant in the office. Student from Nama and Wudapuli Outstations are bussed into Nganamarriyanga School each day. Nganmarriyanga School is an ESL school, the language most commonly spoken is Murin Patha.

CAPS Kurrawang


Known as the smallest school with the biggest heart, we strive to deliver Christ-Centred education through pre-kindy playgroup and education for years K-6.

Kurrawang is a medium sized Aboriginal community, located 12kms south-west of Kalgoorlie in the state of Western Australia. Kurrawang was established a mission settlement in 1953 on a Crown Land Title reserve. During the 1960s Kurrawang setup dormitories for children. In the 1970s the dormitories were replaced with a detached housing accommodation system. In 1984 mission control was replaced by a community based executive committee. In March 1955 the Kurrawang Aboriginal Community was issued with the title to land in freehold.

A desire to have a school within the Kurrawang community came from community members themselves. The members approached the Chairperson of the community, Fred Meredith, who also happened to be the Chairperson of the CAPS Board.  After a number of meetings between all parties; the CAPS Board and the people who lived and worked within the community, CAPS Kurrawang was established in 1987.

The Australian Botanic Collection

Sydney Homeless Connect

It has always been a dream of Nura’s to one day host a big event for people on the streets in our community; we envisage having a big banquet, music, entertainment and laughter – a day to connect, talk and share stories (this still remains a dream to implement one day – but man Sydney Homeless Connect does it well!). Although Nura is a brand selling baby products, we feel a huge pull to support and celebrate all ages young and old.

Sydney Homeless Connect provides an annual winter event at Sydney Town Hall, allowing people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to connect with service and care providers to help them move forward.

They focus on actions and outcomes, not just awareness, and exist to improve the homeless situation and ultimately find permanent accommodation for those in need.

Sydney Homeless Connect is a place where people can not only connect with services such as crisis care, financial and legal advice, employment information and housing assistance, but one where they receive dental and medical attention, a haircut, a massage and a hot meal. It’s a place where they can feel special, respected, and safe.

School for Life Foundation

This is a charity very close to my heart, as a very beautiful friend of mine, Annabelle, is the brains behind it. Since its foundation in 2008, Annabelle and her team continue to amaze me – they are quite literally changing the way of life for so many Ugandan children and their families. What could be more aligned with Nura’s values than this charity….pure generosity, beauty, love and warmth every single day!!

School for Life Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working in rural Uganda. They empower communities to help themselves and create their own opportunities.

To do that, they build schools to provide communities with a quality education, Including primary and secondary schooling, vocational training and other services – such as employment and healthcare solutions.

School For Life believes that education can change everything and we aim to provide a high-quality education to those who need it most, so they can have an impact and change the communities where they live.

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